Welcome to the Sunshine Home!

Sunshine Home is the story of three sisters and a brother who where sired by different fathers and a common mother. The mother sought to live with a man who can provide the brood and shelter. Alas, destitution provided them maltreatment instead.

Sunshine Home is the story of two brothers with a distressed mother who became mentally ill. She set their shanty on fire and later, to end all sufferings, dumped albeit unsuccessfully, the younger child into the fishpond.

Sunshine Home is the story of a young boy who, when welcomed into the Home, was nearing blindness like his father, but was saved by a team of West Virginia doctors on a medical mission in town.

The Sunshine Home story is a story, nay, mission of Love. Thanks to the CWL, the DSWD, the Advisers, the silent but loving Benefactors, donors and sponsors, the Home has become the Haven of many such children. The story of the Home is the story of the Mission of Love: a mission for these children to develop life skills, to truly live life, to find the warmth of home and the love of God.

“For whatsoever you do the least of My brethren, you do it to Me.”

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October 2021